We are a family-started brand. You’ll see us mentioning this whenever we can. But let us explain why and how it all started first

Our story

It was an average spring day. But to say that it wasn’t our day was to say nothing. Our bidet shower broke and the water was leaking like crazy. On top of that, for some reason, my already beaten up vacuum cleaner went crazy on me. It just wasn’t vacuuming and picking up the cat food I accidentally spilled to the floor while waiting for the plumber to arrive and fix the shower.

Anywho, it was a total nightmare to say the least. My husband and I were all over the place until he blurted something that sounded bizarre at first, but then literally lit a lightbulb in my head.

In the wake of the panic, he said that he wished we could just make our tech appliances ourselves to spare us and people we were sure felt the same way any more trouble and make those appliances just the way we’d need them.

So… that we did, giving a kick start to BuyEcoTech. The name was all his idea, I’ll give him the credit.

We’ve always looked for ways to simplify our everyday life and figured out that no one could do it better than ourselves. Ever since that decision was made, we’ve cut down on toilet paper, water use, energy waste, forgot what a stinky fridge is, and I personally haven’t taken a vacuum cleaner in my hands in ages.

Apparently, when things seem to take a turn into the worst possible direction, crazy thoughts come to life and change everything.

Here’s how BuyEcoTech started its journey of producing eco-friendly and high-quality products to help our consumers transform their lives like we transformed ours.

Fast forward it to this day, and we have been successfully making a change one happy family at a time, hoping that YOU will be the next one to get products of everyday necessity while contributing to a better, healthier, and more balanced environment.


Our mission

The world needs clean products to make people’s life quality better. And we aim to transform the lives of 1000s of people one product at a time to make them live healthier, cleaner, and environmentally friendlier.

Our values

Imagine a world where tech innovations simplify your everyday life while also reducing your negative impact on the environment. If that sounds like something you take close to your heart, then BuyEcoTech shares the same values as you.

At BuyEcoTech we care about:

  • You, your time, and your experiences – providing products for your everyday use that only simplify your daily routine and improve your life quality.
  • The environment, natural resources, and their rational use –  making our products drastically reduce your negative impact on planet Earth.