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Hydrogen Water Machine with USB Charge 3

Anti-Chlorine Hydrogen Water Machine

The newest SPE/PEM Smart technology removes all contaminants from your drinking water. Change the way you treat your body by drinking clean water without any chlorine and ozone and rich in hydrogen. 

Brainy RO Water Purifier For Home

£485.00 £389.00
Drink purified water with RO water purifier for home and start taking better care of your health.

DuPont PME technology Hydrogen Water Generator

This model is designed with the most advanced SPE and proprietary DuPont PME technology

Ionized Water Purifier

£1,320.00 £790.00
Turn drinking water into a daily dose of energy with Ionized Water Purifier.
Ozone And Anti-Chlorine Hydrogen Water Machine 1

Ozone And Anti-Chlorine Hydrogen Water Machine

Having clean and healthy water for you and your loved ones is now possible with the anti-chlorine and ozone discharging machine for home.

Rewind Water Purifier

£760.00 £530.00
Drink pure water and nothing else with the latest low-pressure countertop water purifier with reverse system.
Small Hydrogen Water Machine filled

Small Hydrogen Water Machine

Transform your water drinking habits with water that is cleaner and healthier for you.